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Gravity Conveyor

You can never gain traction and establish a name in the manufacturing industry unless you keep up with demand. Investing in an automated conveyor system is the best way to keep up. It is a necessity for companies specializing in manufacturing or even food handling.

The roller conveyor system is a must for any in-house product transport. It can help transport your products from any point inside your facility. It helps reduce the time to get your product from point A to point B. After all, time is something you never want to waste in this industry.

The gravity roller conveyor is important to lift light to heavy cargo for packing and transportation. Its ability to haul and load heavy cargo can help you keep up with client deadlines.

Choose from a variety of roller conveyors specific to your business requirements. All our products carry the DC Liquidators seal of excellence. When you want your investment to last a lifetime, then our name is your guarantee.

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  • 24" extendable conveyor
    $750.00 24" extendable conveyor
    Best Conveyors Best/Flex Expandable Gravity Roller Conveyor is ideal for conveying odd shape boxes and low grade corrugated cartons that could get hung up on skatewheel conveyors.  Cartons easily follow the twist...

  • Gravity Skatewheel
    $350.00 Choose Options Gravity Skatewheel
    Light Duty Gravity Skatewheel Roller Conveyor comes in standard 10' long sections. Now select from a wide assortment of different widths. Comes in both galvanized steel or aluminum models. Ideal for transporting lightweight...